Friday, February 27, 2015

Try Me

and more new stuff wooooot
This post brings you a new Item 
from Creep that will be 
at the Whore Couture event 
starting 3/1/15
Also in this post another Item 
From CarnEvil 
Make sure you guys get to shopping 
these events are epic!

Sarah : 

Hair - CATWA HAIR Pamela
Headband - .DirtyStories. Spiked Headband
Nose Piercing - .random.Matter. - Sanza Nose Chain
Runny Mascara - .ARISE. Bloody Eyes  NEW @ CarnEvil
Choker - .Pekka. Spiked Collar 
Necklace - Goth1c0: Ouija necklace
Jacket - BLACKHAUS - Wav Jacket NEW @ CarnEvil
Shorts - Creep - Bound - Black NEW @ Whore Couture opens 3/1/15
Bracelets - C h a r y . - Gaia Bangles
Wrist Cuff - Cute Poison - Eruli Bracelet 
Cigarette - [ kunst ] - Cigarette & holder 
Boots - :: D-Style -  Acantha Boots  NEW @ CarnEvil

Crashed : 

Tattoo - *Bolson / Tattoo - Osiris (Only Face & Neck) (Fresh) (C)
Hairbase - AITUI - Etched Hair Base - Waves
Beard - -Entente- Facial Hair A - Beard Quatre - Black 
Body - #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m)
Glasses -* S O R G O - AKIRA / Black (SG)
Piercing - .Pekka. Anti-Hazard Unisex Piercing - M - Mouth - BLACK
Gloves - FLite. -GQ Gloves  -Black - RARE
Gun - Fxr. -GQ Pistol - Black
Pants - ISPACHI Mesh [Rebellion Skinny Jeans]
Hair - MOON // Hair // Slow Motion (UNRIGGED)
Leg strap - [BODY FACTORY] Bohemian Canteen Holster - Black
Shotgun - [BODY FACTORY] City Rebels - Shotgun Holster
Jacket - [BODY FACTORY] Legend Jacket (Black)
Cigarette - [NikotiN]    Cigarette_Classic    (V.4.0)
Boots - [NikotiN] SplitRock  (Black) shoes

Talking Body

Put this together after a shopping trip to UBER
Make sure you go and check out all the cool 
boho themed stuff!!
Happy Shopping!


Hair - little bones. Oracle
Shirt - (NO) Lace Halter NEW @ UBER
Shorts - Blueberry - Ripped Denim Shorts NEW @ UBER
Bottle - [BODY FACTORY] Bohemian Canteen
Garter - .DirtyStories. Rosally  Legband
Shoes - Glam Affair - Boho Sandals Sx NEW @ UBER

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Not On Drugs

So its been a bit and I know I say this a lot
Just been enjoying SL 
and doing my thing
SO...this post brings you 
LOTS of new shit! 
So make sure you click those links

Pose - Vestige Poses & Props Vintage NEW @ Carnevil
Hair - Magika Stay
Runny Mascara - .ARISE. Bloody Eyes NEW @ Carnevil
Necklace - Cute Poison - Spooky Necklace NEW @ Carnevil
Shoulder Guard - .DirtyStories. Regret Shoulder Pads
Shirt - Foxes - Spiritualist - Top NEW @ No21
Tattoo -{ DATUM } Dark Paradise NEW @ Carnevil
Belly Piercings - - .HoD. - Thrust MESH Spiked Hip Dermals
Arm Band - *MUKA* Armbands Love
Bracelets -C h a r y . - Gaia Bangles  
Wristlet - REIGN.- Skully Wristlett NEW @ No21
Pants - *HolliPocket* On A Tuesday Jeans
Leg Band - .DirtyStories. Rosally  Legband
Boots -  :: D-Style -  Acantha Boots NEW @ Carnevil
Rings - (Yummy) Dark Elemental Rings

Friday, February 13, 2015

That Girl is a God Damn Problem


I duno if you ladies have checked out Creep
but if you havent
why the FUCK not? 
He's done it again 
and I LOVE these socks!
Make sure you take your ass to SD 
and pick them up! 
and then take your happy ass to the 
and take a look at all his other items!
Happy shopping!


Hair - +Spellbound+ NachoBitch
Outfit - {VINCUE} ~ Koha+Dress NEW @ creepy kawaii fair
Socks - Creep - Suicide NEW @ Suicide Dollz
Shoes - FLite. Creepers 
Choker - .Pekka. Spiked Collar 
Nose Ring - .random.Matter. - Sanza Nose Chain
RIngs - (Yummy) Dark Elemental Rings

Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's Not You

Did some shopping at the ANYbody event
Came back with some nice finds 
which I will be blogging over 
the next few days! 
However these shorts from CREEP
are defo my fav
Make sure you ladies get down to ANYbody 
and grab them up!
Happy Shopping!

Sarah - 

Hair - little bones. Oracle
Wings - .DirtyStories. Goddess Hair Accessories
Nose Chain - .random.Matter. - Sanza Nose Chain 
Necklace - (Yummy) Layered Celestial Necklace
Bangles - C h a r y . - Gaia Bangles
Arm Band - .DirtyStories. Emo Armband - Key (Gacha)
Shirt - .DirtyStories. Rosally  Legband NEW @ ANYbody
Tattoo - Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo
Shorts w/stockings - Creep - Alive - Black NEW @ ANYbody
Garter -DirtyStories. Rosally  Legband 
Knee Guard - .DirtyStories. B.M.V Knee Guards
Boots - G O L A # Xbrewdog

Friday, February 6, 2015


He's done it again ladies
another epic new release from Creep
LOVE these socks and they're at 
---->THE MAIN STORE <---
Happy Shopping 
for my DirtyStories Shopping spree for my bday <3 
Check her out HERE
LOVE her blog!! 

Sarah - 

Hair - little bones. Oracle
headband - .DirtyStories. Rose Headband
Face tattoo -+Half-Deer+ Cross Tattoo 
Mascara - .CoG Design Dirty Mascara3
Cigarette - [ kunst ] - Cigarette & holder
Harness - .DirtyStories. Taken Top
Skirt - DirtyStories. Cutie Skirt
Tattoo - .Inhale. Senses Fail
Socks - Creep - Grave
Claws - Cain - Claws for Slink
Dimple Piercings - {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple Piercings
Facial Piercings - - .HoD. - Close Enough MESH Facial Piercing 
Nose Chain - .random.Matter. - Sanza Nose Chain

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fast As You Can

This might be a more then one post kind of day
who knows... hehe 
This is my look for today


Hair - TRUTH HAIR Thelma
Top - FnH Boobie Toobie Reveal 
Harness - .:Vein:. Harness (Part of the high rise pants outfit)
Pants - Creep - Soul Torn -Striped
Boots - REIGN.- Quinn Boots
Cuff - Cute Poison - Eruli Bracelet
Bangles - C h a r y . - Gaia Bangles 
Wings - :.Envious.: Lilith Wings
Facial Piercings - - .HoD. - Close Enough MESH Facial Piercing
Septum Piercing - -SU!- Septum Piercing 
Earrings - .random.Matter. - Abaddon Earrings
Facial Tattoo - +Half-Deer+ Cross Tattoo
Arm tattoos - Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo
Belly Dermals - - .HoD. - Thrust MESH Spiked Hip Dermals v1 and v2

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big Bad Wolf

Early Morning blog before work! 
Put this together yesterday and thought it was too cute not to blog! 
So here is the look

Sarah - 

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Lea Mesh Hair
Facial Piercings - - .HoD. - Close Enough MESH Facial Piercing
Dimple Piercings - {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple Piercings
Septum Piercing - -SU!- Septum Piercing
Braclets- C h a r y . - Gaia Bangles 
Cuff - Cute Poison - Eruli Bracelet 
Cigarette - [ kunst ] - Cigarette & holder
Dress - .DirtyStories. Workaholic Girl Dress 
Facial Tattoo - +Half-Deer+ Cross Tattoo
Tattoo - Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo
Stockings - :AC: Basic Low-Rise Licorice
Knee Guard - .DirtyStories. Skeleton Knee Guards