Friday, October 24, 2014

Thats Me Right There

My fav person to blog with everrrrrrr
yayyy hehe
Loves him
He showed me these pants and I knew we HAD to blog them!


Hair - Magika Tonight NEW
Necklace - Cute Poison Outland Necklace
Shirt - . AUTOPSY . Shrug Top Domino
Pants - D-Style Kilt Baggy 
Shoes - REIGN. High Society
Gloves - Izzie's  Fingerless Leather Gloves
Bat - Pomposity Baseball Bat Silver 


                                           Hair Base - AITUI - Etched hair base waves                                               
Beard - -Entente-Facial hair A beard Quatre black
Tattoo:: para designs:: rockabilly black dark
Hand Piercings - *p* hand claws piercings
Facial Piercing- ,pekka, Anti-hazard unisex piercing mouth 
Hair - action sam veganic hair 
Ears - A_size3 [mandala] taper ears 
Bracelet - etham journey Bracelet 
Watch - flite f-shck black watch 
Gloves - Izzie's  Fingerless Leather Gloves
Shoes - flite clearports best mistake 
Glasses - reek park shades 
Shirt - D-Style-Alexshirt,tie & waistcoat w/hud 
Pants - D-Style- kilt baggy m with w/hud

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bad Bitch

So Im gonna get back to this blogging stuff here and there
I put this together last night and thought it was cute 
Nothing really new but still fucking HAWT 


Hair - little bones. Sea Foam
Shirt - {alterego} half top likeaboss
Gloves -  Izzie's Leather gloves
Shorts - Gawk! Black Mini Panties 
Socks - .::TWF::. BoyToy Tube Socks 
Shoes - Flite. Liberators 
Bat - POMPOSITY Baseball Bat

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Who's Your Daddy?

So my friend Ethan is starting up a little shop 
So I figured Id help a dude out 
and blog his stuffs
Youre Welcome Butthead 

8 shirts in 1 
with a texture change hud
for all you SL Dads or Dads to be

On Ethan: 

Hair Base - AITUI - Etched Hair Bases - Waves 
Hair - Action Mesh Hair Jimmy Veganic 
Shirt - Yung4eva Dad T Shirts w/hud
Jeans - ::LikeA::DENIM BLACK BK303 cargo
Shoes = Flite.-Clearports Best Mistake
.Tattoo - Reckless.- Mode 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

This Little Piggie

Lots of even shopping with my babe!
Our looks for today!
If you havent been to these events 
Lots of good finds!!


Hair - Eaters Coma Hair 57 NEW @ TCF
Glasses - [LOVE RE ME] Cat Glasses NEW @TCF
Necklace - pyr Cross necklace
Bracelets - C h a r y Gaia Bangles NEW @No21
Dress/Waist Jacket - AMITOMO Long T-shirt NEW @ TCF
Socks - (fd) Bossy socks 
Shoes - FLite Outsiders Studded white Platform RARE NEW @ The Arcade
Clutch - ^^Swallow^^ Apocalypse clutch NEW @ Uber
Piggies - Birdy Wilbur @TCF


Facia Hair - [cheerno] facialhair ll dark_ b#3  
 Piercings - Pekka Anti Hazard unisex piercing
 Hairbase - AITUI Etched Hair Base-Waves Hairline1
 Hair - MINA Hair -TIMO-(materials)
Necklace - Primitive Design_Zrock v1
 Shoes - FLITE - Outsiders-Studded Black RARE NEW @ The Arcade
 \\Taboo//Acces male jeans pants black NEW @ Kings and Queens 
 ETHAM - Valiant Hoodie-red NEW @ Fameshed

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Come Away With Me

LOVE this look 
and LOVE this guy here
just sayin' 


Hair - Exile Letters and Lipstick
Shirt - ~Blacklace~ Lydia White lace
Cardigan - Blueberry Phoebe Cardigan
Shorts - ~Sassy!~ Daisy shorts
Boots - REIGN. Moccasin Boots
Necklace - MG Fay Malla wooden     

Crashed - 

Facial Hair - [cheerno] facialhair ll dark_ b#3  
Piercing - Pekka Anti Hazard unisex piercing 
Hairbase - AITUI Etched Hair Base-Waves Hairline1
Shoes - FLITE - TMD Collections black falcons
Necklace -  Primitive Design_Zrock v1 unisex
Shirt - ::K:: Henley neck shirts Homme White
Hair - Avtion sam Veganic Hair black
Jeans -  HooLigan INK jeans 477-s

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Im a Boss ass Bitch

Doing my best to get at least one post out per day 
Babe, Thank you for motivating me and pushing me to get back to this. 
This is our look for today


Hair - little bones. Suffragette @ Swagfest
Face Chain - .PANIK. High Nose Chain @ No21
Headband - *Twins Fashion* Queen Headband @Kings and Queens
Necklace - L'Armoire II Grown Necklace @ Kings and Queens 
Shirt - *Hollipocket* Sweet Thang
Belly Chain - Pompasity Gothis Belly Chain @Kings and Queens
Pants - [LDP] BO$$ Leggings @Kings and Queens 
Shoes - Reign. Partition Pumps 

Crashed - 

Facial Hair - [cheerno] facialhair ll dark_ b#3 
Glasses - SORGO Bell shades / dark (SG) 
Piercing - Pekka Anti Hazard unisex piercing
Hairbase - AITUI Etched Hair Base-Waves Hairline1
Shoes - Deadwool] Klaus shoes black  
Shirt - [BODY FACTORY] - Dude casual Sweater @Kings and Queens
Jeans - \\Taboo//Access male jeans pants -raven_s @Kings and Queens
Hair - Yasyn - Greater - leather hair black

Monday, September 1, 2014

No Mediocre

Another shopping trip and another Blog 
with my babe
I could get used to this just sayin' ;) 


Hair - +Spellbound+ Nachobitch
Vest - *Hollipocket* Black Widow @ Swagfest
Shorts - Sassy  Daisy Shorty shorts @ TBS
Boots - Reign. Moccasin Boots 
Bracelets - C h a r y Gaia Bangles
Necklace - AMAYA Matte Black Chain @No21 
Necklace - Pompasity Split Long Handcuff Necklace
Tattoo - Letis LOVE & HATE 
Glasses - tsg. Kokoro Glasses 
Knee wounds - SU! Bloody knees 

Crashed - 

Facial Hair - [cheerno] facialhair ll dark_ b#3     
Piercing - Pekka Anti Hazard unisex piercing
Shoes - FLITE - Clearports  Mistake shoes  
Ring - pekka Pyr Cross ring black
Hair - MINA Hair TIMO {materials} 
necklace - POMPOSITY -split long cross necklace-3 cross 
Jeans- [ AB ] MESH Rock on jeans m blue @ King and Queen Fair
Hooding - [AB] MESH Anarchie Hoodie m Black @ King and Queen Fair
Cigarette - [ Nikotin] Cigarette_Classic (v.4.0)   
Hair base - AITUI Etched Hair Base-Waves Hairline1
Tattoo - ;; para Designs ;; Rockabilly black dark
Body Hair - ;;dmb;; Pubic hair 2 ( 50%) b