Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fenced In

..:::+NEW FROM CORVUS+:::..

New dress from Corvus!! 
Im loving this dress and you can dress it soooo many different ways. Def take a moment and check out the Corvus shop you will NOT be disappointed!! 


Hair - Truth Hair Virginie
Hat - La Malvada Mujer the soldier on big maneuvers
Skin - Corvus - Alexa 
Make up - Corvus Demon eye shadow
Facial wounds - Corvus Punched face 
Dress - Corvus Clubbing Dress 
Boots - lassitude &ennui Wanderlust boots 
Eye Patch -  *{SeVered GarDeN}* JILL

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Its worth the wait even so far away

Last night was a long night to say the least... 
I wanted to post this last night but yeah we just wont go into details about how it all went down. 
Not as planned thats all Im saying lol. 
Long story short here is a little something I threw together.
 I felt like I should have a little color in my wardrobe, 
I found this adorable little corset and poof here is my post :) 


Hair - Truth Hair Sierra 
Corset - BE; ohsocute polka
Jeans - .:villena:. Skinny Jeans (My FAVORITE mesh jeans!!)
Necklace - Earthstones Love Always Set 
Ring - Cute Poison Diamond Star Ring 
Nails - [MANDALA] Nail Pallette super long 
Tattoo - B*fly Skull Tide Mesh sleeve tattoo
Piercings - Pekka Mila 
Makeup - Pekka fresh look eyeshadows w/eyeliner

Monday, February 25, 2013

Show Me Your Teeth


So I was bored and I got to thinking... When the hell is True Blood starting back up? lol 
Then I was inspired and had this idea to showcase the new skin from Corvus! :) 


Skin - Corvus Alexa Skin 
Bloody hand prints - Corvus Bloody hands chest tattoo
Bloody arms.hands - Corvus Killer Hands
Bloody Mouth -  ~Ailasa's Creations~ Bloody Mouth Tattoos
Panties - Juicy Lips Delux Mesh Panties 
Hair - LeLutka Gloria
Shoes - [Diktator] DARE 
Teeth - **SHINE** Vampire teeth 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

UFC B!tch

So I was watching a show on HBO about this UFC chick and I was inspired! lol 
Something about a chick that is willing to jump in a cage and fight a dude... thats badass! 
Enjoy :) 


Outfit - *Epic* Sexy Sporty Set 
Gloves -  WIN mma Gloves 
Boots - lassitude & ennui Wanderlust boots
Hair - Exile Crazy in love 

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Oh how I love building and staging my own scenes! hehe 
I had a good time with this one. Pretty badass bitch if I do say so myself! ;)


Jacket - *chronokit* Fabre Jacket Camouflage
Shirt - SU! Basic Top
Jeans - .:villena:. Skinny Jeans 
Boots - [Cliche] Pilar boots
Helmet - Asphyxia Black Mouse War Helmet
Hair - -LaViere- The Vert
Glasses - Tran.sient- Gas Station Glasses
Nails/Rings - **RE** NOX Era set 
Cigarette - *Trailerstar* smokes

Friday, February 22, 2013

3 Poses 1 message

Was feeling a little feisty today so yeah... this is what happens. 
These gloves are pretty badass I must say :) 


Jacket - Maitreya Magan Jacket
Skirt - :FANATIK: Mikro mini Skirt
Boots - Maitreya Jazz Boots 
Hair - -LaViere- The Vert
Gloves - FATEwear Gloves Dexter Void 
Headband - [whatever] Spiked headband

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Im'a be your motivation

LOVING this new hair from Wasabi Pills! I pieced this together this morning before work and Im just now getting around to posting. Ughh thank god tomorrow is friday! :) Enjoy!


Hair - Wasabi Pills Momo
Body Suit w/belt - *Tenatacio* Cat Suit Leopard
Shoes - N-core TRIUMPH
Nails - [MANDALA] Pallette 1/superlong
Rings - **RE** NOX Era
Bangles - Apple May Designs Fashionista Bangles Silver 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I F*ckin Did it

Figured I would do one last post for today before I head to bed. 
This jumper is too damn cute not to blog right? hehe 
I love this look! Enjoy!


Hair - Truth Hair Sierra
Jumper - Ricielli Mesh Papi Jumper
Shoes - .:SUPERBIA:. 1NNOVAT1ON Fashion Department 
Bag - !KKBB!! Deidre Shoulder Tote Wicker
Bangle - Apple May Designs Fashionista Bangles 
Ring - Cute Poison Diamond Star Rings

Wicked Desire

One more post before RL steals me away!


Hair - =DeLa* Marley
Collar - Cute Poison Posture Collar 
Skirt - SUGAR drawstring skirt 
Rings/Nails - **RE** NOX Era Set 
Tattoo - Corvus  Indestructible tattoo
Makeup - :: YaYo :: Cry Baby Running mascara
Bangles - Apple May Designs Fashionista bangles
Bracelets - [MANDALA] OKAKI 


Just a quick little post before I have to get my day started! I found this dress and had to blog it.
 Its sexy but still formal enough to not look like a total skank nasty ho bag! lol Enjoy!! 


Hair - Truth Hair January 
Headband - [Whatever] spiked headband
Earrings - [Whatever] spiked Earrings 
Dress - La.Estrella [MESH] Gala Suede Dress Black
Bangles - Apple May Designs Fashionista bangles 
Nails/rings/Bracelet - **RE** NOX Era Set 
Shoes - [Gos] Boutique - Grace Sandles - Mirror

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Now watch me Evolve...

Winter is almost over and the lack of decent snow fall this year makes me a Sad Panda... 
See what I did there? bahaha 
Check out the post and you will get it hehe. Enjoy! 


Sweater - *KL* Busty Sweater Black
Skirt - La Estella Denim Mini Skirt #9
Hat/Hair - SimpleCandy Panda Hat & Hair 
Glasses -  ***Arisaris Glasses Colors and flowers
Tights - Paper.doll Tights Black 
Mittens - Izzies - Norwegian MIttens
Boots - Dark Midday Designs MESH Cutsie Leg Warmer Boots

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Trying to get a few posts for you guys this weekend. 
Its been very busy for me in RL... Work was crazy and my RL sister had a baby last night at 2am so... 
yay Im an Auntie again but holy shit Im exhasted 
however Im gonna do my best to bring you a few more epic posts ;) 


Hair - -LeViere- The Vert
Dress - Ricielli - Valentine set 3 animal print 
Shoes - ! haut monde Natalee Wedges
Watch - [MANDALA] SITENNOAH watch and bracelet
Nails - [MANDALA] Nail Palette 1/super long
Necklace - [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Set 

Let me show you a few things...

+:::NEW FROM KaBOOM!!:::+
Ok Ladies... KaBoom has done it AGAIN! WOOO
Check out this new dress its freaking sexy
and you can find it HERE 
along with a lot of other nice pieces so make sure you check it out!
Bravo KaBoom...Bravo! :)


Hair - Truth Hair Tenille
Dress - \\KaBoom// Mesh Venus Halter Dress 
Shoes - N-Core Triumph 
Bangles - Apple May Desihns Fashionista Silver
Bracelet - Cute Poison Dee Bracelet
Clutch - (O&N) Studs Purse CC (MonoLux)
Nails - [MANDALA] Nail Palette 1/Super Long
Ring - Cute Poison Star Ring 
Make-up - Pekka Fresh Look Eyeshadow w/liner
Piercing - Pekka Forces
Necklace - Earthstones Love Always Set 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Ive been dying to do a Boudoir-like post for a while and I finally put one together.
 See what happens when you play hookie from work? hehe :) 


Bra and Panties - :ONYX Wear: Strawberry bra and panties set
Stockings - *LOW* Seamed Lace stockings
Shoes - Angelic Lefevre Couture- Lacely heels Satin
Necklace - MG Necklace Pearls Combo set
Hair - Lelutka - Gloria 
Gloves - *HolliPocket* Lace Shorty Gloves Set 1- Gatcha

Be Mine

Another Valentines Day post! 
Enjoy! I had a lot of fun setting up this scene! 
If you want to know where to purchase any of the items pictured here please 
IM me in world or drop me a notecard its far too much for me to list here. Enjoy! 

Hair - ::Exile:: Beyond the waves 
Shoes - :OW: Carina heels 
Necklace -  Earthstones Love Always Set (Thanks baby I love it!) 
Rings - **RE** NOX Era 
Nails - {VD} Nails Long full cover 

♡ For my Booger ♡

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Valentine

So in honor of Valentines day I figured Id do a little post with my Booger <3 
 I think it turned out pretty hot!
 LOVE this skirt def make it a point to drop by this shop ladies! 
Its totally worth it! Lots of cute stuff! Enjoy ;) 


Mask - MI86883 Mesh Ladies Mask 
Hair - Magika Visit 
Skirt - [Etchaflesh] Classic Black Pin-up skirt
shoes - *T.Whore* - Katy shoes 
Ring - Cute Poison Star Ring
Necklace - MG Pearls combo set
Nails - {VD} Nails Long (full cover Red) 


Cap: [Avoid] Sideway Fitted - Solid Colors
Hairbase : **JOMO** etched hair Gb
Sunglasses : - Sunglasses ZENITH / V1.1 - REDGRAVE
Ears : Plug(Hole_size_4/L) Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA], Tunnel(Hole_size_4/R) Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA] 
Facial Hair : .' World Of Men - Beard W
Rings : (Hand size45/Complete/MANDALA mens SINRA NAIL/samurai black
Teeth : DeeTaleZ - Prim Teeth perfect upper & lower
Pants : AAHAKEE_M_CarbonMPD_Unisex
Blazer : <kal rau> Casual Blazer M5_Black
Tattoos : [Sleepy Bozer]  -   Yummy Vine
Smoke :  *Trailerstar* Cigarette (Bent)
Piercing : Face Piercing Set [SVT*] .: Black Widow :. UNISEX
Gauges : Cobrahive - Gauged 03 
Skin : Evian - LUCA  Medium/Bald


~...::NEW FROM CORVUS::...~

Corvus is at it again! one stop shop and I LOVE it so if you have not been to the shop you dont know what your missing especially you dark grungy kids! 
I had fun with this look! Always fun blogging Corvus stuff hehe


Skin - Corvus Emily
Makeup - Corvus Demon Eyeshadow
Shirt - Corvus County Jail Ripped
Pants - Balkanik Evuza Jeans 
Hair - Wasabi Pills Teeloh Mesh Hair 
Shoes - [Monso] My Combat Ankle
Necklace - [MANDALA] Dog tags 
Earrings - MG Handcuff set

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Poison Apple


So Ive been slacking a little last few days my apologies! 
RL has been making me its bitch lol 
So I owed you guys a post and from my sponsors I had some pretty nice stuff! 
From Kaboom...FatNip dresses... for that busty look with out those weird mesh tits its a WIN 
 From Cute Poison this adorable corset piercing LOVE it!!
If you guys havent visited Kaboom or Cute Poison youre seriously missing out!! Enjoy!!


Dress - Kaboom FatNips Skulls
Tights - Heartless Patterned Tights
Boots - *~Ri!~* HoH No.026
Hair - =Dela*= Mercy
Tattoo - B*Fly Time in Roses Mesh Sleeve
Nails - (VD) Nails Long (full cover red) 
Bracelets - [MANDALA] OKAKI 
Corset Neck Piercing - Cute Poison corset piercings
Hair Bow - RO Briar Bow Headband

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Casual Blues

Im slacking....stupid RL!! Put this together a decided to blog it for you lovelys!
I LOVE this jacket its pretty hot! Def worth checking out, lots of colors!
Promise to crank out a few more posts tomorrow and through the weekend! :P 


shirt - SU! Basic Top
Jacket - *chronokit* Fabre Jacket Check Blue 
Pants - Tee*fy Soft wool Jersey Leggings 
Shoes - [Monso] My COmbat Ankle Boots 
Hair - =Dela*= Lala
Bow - *booN velvet bow headband
Necklace - Cute Poison Bitch Necklace
Star Ring - Cute Poison Diamond Star Ring
Nails/rings -  **RE** NOX Era 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I love this outfit that I tossed together last night and was told it was hot so Im blogging this shiz! I was bored and my girl Jelly was bored so I invited her along for this one! :) 
We may have gotten into some trouble with a robot in the making of this blog post 
but we wont go there...haha 


Jacket - *chronokit* Fabre Jacket
Shirt - SU! Basic Top
Shorts - Fade Arcade Mesh shorts 
Boots - MIEL Timber Boots Natural 
Tattoo - Endless Pain Pure Sin
Makeup- DAMNED Tribal makeup 
Hair - Truth Hair Chynna 
Earrings - Whatever Spike Earrings 
Necklace -  [MANDALA] OKAKI dog tag necklace 
Bracelets - [MANDALA] OKAKI Bracelet set
Bloody Knees - SU! Bloody knees 
Pierciing - Pekka Mysterious
Rings/Nails **RE** NOX Era


Hair: [BURLEY]_Diana_Blacks
Shorts: .-paper.doll- RolledDenimShorts: BlackWash
Shirt: Female-Tank_MESH- Illuminati [BLK2.0 PROD]
Shoes: [Gos] MESH Triumph Boots in Black
Nails: \/\Cult of Belgar\/\ Sharp Nails (BOXED)
Tattoos: .Pekka. Blossom Passion
           Suicide Gurl - Love or Pain tattoo
Corvus : Bloody Knees
           Corvus : Deep Black Eyeshadow
           Hose: *Sheer* Leggings 29: Very Torn Black
Lashes: MG - Eyelashes - Wild Full Thick - BLACK
Teeth: d. Select Skin Add On Prim Teeth

Monday, February 4, 2013


Time for another Bikini post!! 
You know Im a fan of well made Mesh bikinis and this was a pretty sweet find if I do say so myself! Leopard print tattoo, studded bikini and heels = WINNING! :) Enjoy!


Bikini - **SHINE** Mesh Bikini studs
Heels - **SHINE** Elle Ultra Platform/Studs
Hair - Truth Hair Virginie
Facial tattoo - :Little Pricks: Ur Spotted Face
Piercing - Pekka Nose Swirl 
Makeup - -DAMNED- Tribal Makeup
Bangles - Apple May Designs Fashionista Bangles 
Rings/Nails - **RE** NOX Era 


So not only is it my b-day but my boys gave me the best bday present ever! 
Im a Baltimore girl born and raised...die hard Ravens fan ya heard me? I fucking bleed purple! 
Last night was a damn good game and Im proud! So dont hate ;) lol 
This was just a fun post bc im pretty excited for our win here in B-More! 


Shirt - {U.R.} Sports Cropped Hoodie - Ravens
Skirt - {Quirks} Mesh Jessica Skirt
Shoes - 2REAL Glyderz Shoes
Hair - Exile One Voice 
Bow - *booN velvet bow headband
Nails/Rings - **RE** NOX Era 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Superbowl countdown...
Killing time before the game so I did a little shopping and this is the result hehe 
I love this outfit...from the leopard print to the adorable heart cut out of the back of the shirt


Shirt - Sunnys Fashion IHeartMini Tank
Pants - Spirit Store Eta print gray leopard 
Shoes -  [Monso] My Combat Ankle boots
Ears - Alterego (part of "flying" outfit
Glasses - Tran.sient Gas station glasses
Necklace - MG Banshee Skull Heart
Earrings - [whatever] spike earrings 
Bangles - Apple May Designs Fashionista bangles
Nails/RIngs - **RE** NOX Era 

Roller Derby

Yeah....still cant sleep lol 
Ive been wanting to do a cute roller skating outfit for a while! 
So I put this together tonight. 
I thought it turned out pretty cute so here you go enjoy! Great designers here!!


Hair - .:Exile:. Midnight in Paris 
Shirt - Apple May Designs Say it tops New York
Body Suit - GAWK ultra high waist panties
Socks - DCNY Sporty Socks
Fishnets - *Xanthe* Fishnet Stockings
Skates - CS Design- Roller Skates M01
Make up - :LP: warpaint
Make up - {D.A} Glam Glosses


Sunday Funday!

...:::***NEW FROM KABOOM***:::...

So I couldnt sleep and logged in SL and from my ever so gracious sponsor was this super cute outfit that I just couldnt wait to blog! This is one of the cutest shorts outfits I have ever seen! 
Comes in lots of different colors and can be styled so many different ways! 
Seriously loving this Kaboom! Job well done my friend!! 
Keep it coming!


Shirt and shorts - KaBoom Mesh Cotton Candy Plaid outfit
Hair - LeLutka Magdalen
Makeup - .:LeeL:. Make up Vol 3
Ring - MG Rings Gigi shimmer bows
Shoes - .::DMD::. Midday Superhigh Legwarmer Pumps


Saturday, February 2, 2013


Have a school girl fetish? Enjoy this post ;) 
put this together this morning thought it looked pretty cute...naughty, but cute hehe


Shirt - LiF Mesh Blouse 
skirt - {Quirks} Mesh Jessica skirt
Hair - ::Exile:: Bring it on 
Stockings - *League* Side Gartered stockings
Shoes - *T* Whore Katy Shoes 
Tie - [MANDALA] Smexy Tie necklace

Friday, February 1, 2013

Purple Pride

Repping the purple pride in honor of the Ravens of course and well this jumpsuit was fucking cute so win win right? :) New from Auxiliary!! Im a tiny bit obsessed with this shop not gonna lie hehe


Jumpsuit - [AUX] Jumpsuit - Ombre
Hair - ::Exile:: Bring it On
Necklace - Cute Poison Multi-Cross Necklace
Bangles - Applemay designs Fashionista bangles 
Nails - R.Cielli French Nails 
Shoes - Switch Ballerina Flats 
Tattoo - B*Fly - Skull Tide Sleeve Mesh 

Mah Bestieface!

So I was bored....whats new right? I decided it was time for another post with my bestieface Kat <3 I love blogging with her!! Shes freaking adorable!! So I tp'd off to Paper.doll and found these cute little dresses and we styled them completely different to showcase how versatile this piece really is! love love LOVE paper.doll! Enjoy, and check out the shop for some really cute little mesh numbers! You wont be disappointed!!


Dress - :Paper.doll: Lace Frock
Boots - CGG Abilene Boots
Hair - ::Exile:: Byond the Waves 
necklace - MIEL Echo Necklace
Ring - MG Rings GiGi Shimmer Bows
Nails - R.icielli French Nails 


Hair- Truth ( Chynna) 
Dress- :Paper.doll: Lace Frock: in Crimson
Tattoo- ::Para Designs:: Mash Up 
Tights- *SHOP Toshy*Leggings 
Shoes- Pilar Boots
Nails- Ultra Mesh Fingernails