Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Going Down

Couldnt sleep so I blogged! 

Ok ladies if you havent already you NEED to check it out 
[geek.] <------AMAZING custom mesh stuff here!! 
Here are just a few items for you to take a look at 
TP HERE to the [geek.] main store :) 


Hair - Ploom Isabel
Glasses -  Indented Fashion Nerdgasm NEW @ Singer Icon
Crown -  [geek.] BurgerGeek Party Crown NEW @ Thrift Shop
Bracelet - DECO Mesh Rebel Bracelet
Elbow warmers - [ht] Elbow Warmers
Ring - [geek.] 8bit Shroom Ring NEW @ Thrift Shop
Knuckle Ring - [geek.] Rock-A-Knucks Nerd NEW
Bodysuit - IAF sleeveless sheer Leotard (Phat Azz and Lolas)
Jeans - *HolliPocket* Bubble Yum Bum NEW @ The Azz Show
Garter - [geek.] Abbiekins Garter NEW @ Suicide Dolls
Legwarmers - *HolliPocket* Warm Me Up Bebe NEW @ The Azz Show
Shoes - 2Real Starz Shoes NEW

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