Friday, October 24, 2014

Thats Me Right There

My fav person to blog with everrrrrrr
yayyy hehe
Loves him
He showed me these pants and I knew we HAD to blog them!


Hair - Magika Tonight NEW
Necklace - Cute Poison Outland Necklace
Shirt - . AUTOPSY . Shrug Top Domino
Pants - D-Style Kilt Baggy 
Shoes - REIGN. High Society
Gloves - Izzie's  Fingerless Leather Gloves
Bat - Pomposity Baseball Bat Silver 


                                           Hair Base - AITUI - Etched hair base waves                                               
Beard - -Entente-Facial hair A beard Quatre black
Tattoo:: para designs:: rockabilly black dark
Hand Piercings - *p* hand claws piercings
Facial Piercing- ,pekka, Anti-hazard unisex piercing mouth 
Hair - action sam veganic hair 
Ears - A_size3 [mandala] taper ears 
Bracelet - etham journey Bracelet 
Watch - flite f-shck black watch 
Gloves - Izzie's  Fingerless Leather Gloves
Shoes - flite clearports best mistake 
Glasses - reek park shades 
Shirt - D-Style-Alexshirt,tie & waistcoat w/hud 
Pants - D-Style- kilt baggy m with w/hud

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