Sunday, January 20, 2013

Private Property!

I kinda feel like a slacker this weekend! Only 2 posts, I have some catching up to do! :O 
I put this together today and got a lot of compliments so I figured Id blog it. I know Ive blogged these pants once before however... They texture change with a hud and theyre pretty badass! :) Enjoy! oh and um 
(yeah Im a baltimore bitch dont hate!) 


Hair - Wasabi Pills - Bambi 
Necklace -  MG Handcuff set
Shirt - HOT tshirt "Tiger"
Pants - :SEY: Sarrouel-Skinny_Pants-A
Piercing - Pekka Mysterious Unisex
Shoes - 2REAL F-WIngs
Bangles - Apple May Fashionista Bangles 
Wrist Band - Flow. Wrist [plain]
Tattoo - ::Para designs:: Punked Sleeves only
Tattoo - ::Nar Mattaru:: Trample The Weak/Hurdle The Dead

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