Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sweat it Out

Found these awesome sweats and had to blog them! Also really digging this tattoo by Sleepy Bozer! Im picky as shit when it comes to full body tats but this one is on point. 
Def worth popping over to the shop and peeping it out, lots of good shit over there! 
Special thanks to Domanikk <3 


Hair - Wasabi Pills Bambi
Ears - AITUI [MESH] - Stretched Ears 1" plug pack
Necklace - [MANDALA] Dog tags 
Tattoo - [SLeepy Bozer] Ocean Moon
Watch - [MANDALA] SITENNOAH Watch&Bracelet
Pants - [Barlmaley] pants gazzila
Feet - *GA* Tip Toe Bare Feet 


Shades - Hoorenbeek
Shoes - Urban Bomb Unit "Dunks"
Tattoo - Blackfeet "To the ends of earth"
Peircings - Pekka "Dismisal" % "Latum Ear Piercing"
Hair - Atro Patena "Eric"
Hair Design - MADesigns Hair "Tribe 8"
Pants - Barmaly "Pants Gazilla"
Necklace - TonkTastic "Dogtags"

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